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  Commercial Crimes Bureau consists of the following support Units/Sections:

Fraud Detail
Elder Fiduciary Fraud Unit

Real Estate Fraud Unit

Traffic Violators School Monitoring

Detective Information Resource Center

Identity theft detail

Computer Crimes Unit

Technical Operations detail





Fraud Detail :

The Fraud Detail consists of three investigative teams. These teams are geographically located in the north and south county areas. Each team is comprised of one sergeant and from four to six investigators. Fraud Detail's areas or responsibility include the following:

  • Advance Fee Crimes - Crimes where monies are paid for goods or services that are never received.
  • Bunco - Any scheme designed to cause the victim to believe they will profit financially. Examples: Lottery Scams, Endless Chain Scams (Pyramid), Counterfeit Gold / Silver Bar, Jewels or Coins for Cash.
  • Diversion of Funds
  • Embezzlement - Thefts by bookkeepers or employees involving a manipulation of records
  • Insurance / Investment Fraud
  • Telemarketing Fraud
  • Theft of Trade Secrets
  • Wire Transfer Fraud
  • Large or Complex Check or Credit Card crimes accepted on a case by case basis.
  Elder Fiduciary Fraud Unit:

The Elder Fraud Detail provides expertise and guidance to station detectives who are handling cases involving the financial abuse of elders and dependent adults. Cases which are particularly difficult or complex are reassigned from station detectives to the Elder Fraud Detail. The Elder Fraud Detail functions as a liaison between the Sheriff's Department and many other local, state, and federal agencies involved in the protection of elders and dependent adults. Investigator from the Elder Fraud Detail are members of the Los Angeles County F.A.S.T. team (Fiduciary Abuse Specialist Team) and core group members of the Los Angeles County Forensic Center. The Elder Fraud Detail provides training to Sheriff's Department personnel as well as informational speaking engagements to civic and government organizations regarding financial abuse of elder and dependent adults. The Detail also provides professional level training at seminars and symposiums for social workers, attorneys, bankers, and other professions within the elder abuse arena.


Real Estate Fraud Unit:

The Real Estate Fraud Unit was created in 1996 after legislation was enacted in 1995 to combat real estate fraud. The District Attorney of Los Angeles County proposed the legislation after a case they investigated resulted in minimal sentencing for the suspect in spite of a multi-million dollar loss. This was due to a lack of experience and communication between law enforcement agencies and the courts. The legislation was enacted to provide funds for the investigation, prosecution, and deterrence of real estate fraud. The primary emphasis was placed on fraud against the elderly and foreclosure fraud. Over the course of time additional crimes such as equity fraud, rent skimming, appraisal fraud, and contractor fraud have been added to the cases investigated by the Sheriff's Real Estate Fraud Unit.


Traffic Violators School Monitoring:

TVSM is part of a contractual agreement with the Housing Authority of Los Angeles County, the Superior Court of California/County of Los Angeles and the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. The purpose is to enhance the monitoring and prosecution of illegal activity by traffic school owners and students. The units consists of two detectives and one sergeant. The unit is responsible for all Los Angeles County traffic schools.


Detective Information Resource Center :

DIRC is a "cyber library" for the law enforement investigator. Providing services to both the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department and outside law enforcement agencies. Finding and identifying a person can sometimes be the most challenging part of an investigation. DIRC helps the investigators establish who a person is and where he/she is currently living. DIRC can also locate relatives and associates of the subject. DIRC can provide the investigator with the following:

  • Booking and driver license information and photographs
  • Complete criminal history and custody information
  • Property ownership information
  • Pending legislative bills along with recent and historical case laws
  • Satellite and aerial photographs of most any location in Los Angeles County



Identity theft detail:

Since the 1990s, identity theft has been the fastest growing form of consumer fraud in the country of Los Angeles, as well as the nation. In 1999, there were 645 cases of identity theft reported in the LASD's jurisdiction. In 2005, the number of reported cases in LASD's jurisdiction reached 6132. Identity theft is an execrable crime that devastates victims both financially as well as emotionally. The LASD is leading the fight against identity theft through collaborative efforts involving local, state and federal law enforcement agencies, non-profit organizations, as well as private financial institutions.

  • In 2005, the Southern California High-tech Task Force - Identity Theft (SCHTTF-ID) secured felony filings against 111 defendants charged with identity theft.
  • In 2005, SCHTTF-ID was responsible for preventing more than $70,000,000 in losses and recovered nearly $1,000,000 in property.



Computer Crimes Unit:

The Southern California High Tech Task Force (SCHTTF) is a collaborative effort of local, county, state and federal law enforcement agencies working in unison to combat high tech crime involving the Internet, intellectual property, computer equipment, emerging technologies, theft of identity information and numerous other high tech crimes including:

  • Computer Intrusions
  • Malicious, Ex or Current Employees
  • Data Theft used for ID Theft
  • Data Theft used for Financial Advantage (Customer Lists)
  • Counterfeit / Trademark Violations
  • Theft of Trade Secrets
  • Threats / Extortion
  • Anonymous, Annoying & Harassment



Techinal Operations Detail:

Established over 30 years ago to provide technical resources and expertise to Investigators from the Sheriff's Department, as well as other law enforcement agencies that do not have or can not afford their own resources. Over the years the Detail has provided services to many state and local agencies as well as sereral Federal government agencies, most branches of the military and even foreign countries. Services Offered:

Forensics Lab:

  • Audio and video clarification and enhancement
  • Analog and Digital tape restoration and repair
  • Data recovery

Techincal Surveillance:

  • GPS Tracking
  • Image Acquisition
  • Audio Acquisition
  • Telephone Intercept
  • Techinical Surveillance Counter Measures