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  Homicide Bureau consists of the following support Units/Sections:

New Cases Unit
Missing Persons Unit

Unsolved Cases





New Cases Unit:

Cases investigated by this bureau involve:

  • Accidental deaths
  • Homicides
  • Natural deaths (Coroner cases)
  • Suicides
  • Abortions (illegal)
  • Missing juveniles when there is suspicion of foul play; or missing over 30 days
  • Missing and unidentified persons (adults)
  • Shootings involving Department personnel that result in injury or death
  • Found human remains.
  Missing Persons Unit:
Responsibilities and duties performed by this unit include:

Investigating missing persons who are 18 years and older
Investigating found persons cases
Assisting Homicide Bureau in the identification of John and Jane Does
Assisting stations in identifying found "Doe" children
Assisting other agencies with missing/found persons
Managing a publicity program where missing children's pictures are publicized nationwide in an attempt to locate
Checking the accuracy of computer entries on missing children


Unsolved Cases Unit: No homicide investigated by the Sheriff's Department is ever closed until it is resolved. Long after the original case investigators may have retired or otherwise left the bureau, every clue or lead is investigated by this unit.